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Pet Zoo: Urgent Need for Pet Adoption - Find Dogs & Cats.


Rakesh Sing


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project description

Not knowing where to start or which animals are available makes it very difficult to go ahead and get a pet.

Pet parents are currently facing a difficult situation of not being able to land their pet’s offspring to a new adopter due to a lack of proper platform or network. Adopters struggle to find pets that match their preferences in terms of species, breed, age , size, and temperament. People are currently creating local networks in various social media groups, but these are not easily accessible or effective solutions. Pet Zoo is basically a web portal for animals and this website can also show all the detail information of animals such as their prices, categories, picture video and other basic information. In this web application sellers will post ads to sell the animals they own, and buyers will browse and search for animals and buy the animals they like.


Case study

Proposed system


the result

Pet Zoo is a website designed to connect pet lovers with their ideal furry companions through an intuitive and user friendly platform.

The objective of this project was to develop a website that connects pet lovers with pets that are up for adoption, sale, or purchase. The website provides a platform for animal shelters, pet stores, and individual pet owners to list their pets for adoption, sale, or purchase. The website also provides information about the pets, including their breed, age, gender, and health status. The website have the following features: Search functionality: Users can search for pets based on their location, breed, age, gender, and price range. Listing functionality: Animal shelters, pet stores, and individual pet owners can list their pets for adoption, sale, or purchase. They can provide information about the pets, including their breed, age, gender, and health status. They can also upload pictures and videos of the pets. Messaging functionality: Users can communicate with each other through the website's messaging system. They can ask questions about the pets, negotiate prices, and arrange for meetups.


Other additional functionalities those are worth mentioning.

Payment functionality: Users can make payments through the website's payment system. The website will charge a commission fee for each transaction. Reviews and ratings functionality: Users can leave reviews and ratings for the pets and the sellers. This will help other users make informed decisions about which pets to adopt, buy, or sell. Pet care information: The website will provide information about pet care, including nutrition, grooming, and training. This will help pet owners take better care of their pets. Social media integration: The website will be integrated with social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This will help users share information about the pets and the website with their friends and followers. By developing this website, we hope to promote pet adoption, sale, and purchase, and provide a platform for pet lovers to connect with each other. We also hope to provide a valuable resource for pet care information and promote responsible pet ownership.


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